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The human network is generally regarded as a social structure composed of individuals, business partners, friends or other organizations connected through technology, using devices such as PCs, cell phones, PDAs and digital TVs.

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Evidence of the human network can be found in the rapid rise of social networking. In addition, free software and mash-up applications have enabled unprecedented collaboration in commerce, art, sciences, health and education.

The human network connects people to people in myriad ways, whether via emotional, cultural, ideological, familial or behavioral ties. Through most recent advances in communications technology, people are now more than ever inextricably linked through e-mail, photographs, wikis, blogs, podcasts, instant messaging and more.


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Among the societal shifts that the human network has yielded are added transparency to organizations, the decentralization of power from traditional institutions and the democratization of established social structures. Examples include amateur photographers, who compete with professionals on photo networking sites like Flickr, citizen reporters who are being enlisted by traditional news organizations and corporations that are tapping into customers to contribute to online product development and testing.

Several intellectuals all over the globe are coordinating their efforts to create a global dialectic regarding the Human Network.

The Human Union Movement
OS 0 1 2 and the Human Union

I invite you to share your thoughts and help us explore the concept of the human network and how it is changing our lives.--Jimbo Wales 02:38, 28 September 2006 (UTC)

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