Demographic Transition TheoryEdit

Big baby overpopulate

  • === Stage 1. High birth rate and low death rate due to low sanitation and low education. There is a very low life expectancy above the age of 65. Many parents employ their children rather than let them go to school.
    Demographic transition
  • === Stage 2. Is a developing country. The death rates drop rapidly due to improvements in food supplies and sanitation which increase life spans and reduce disease. Farming techniques, advanced to technology basic health care and education.===


  • === Stage 3. Birth Rates fall due to access to contraception. Increases in wages, urbanization in and reduction in substance agriculture and and an increase in the status of education of women and reduction in the value of children's work, women litteracy and the cost of raising children is becoming an issue.===


  • === Stage 4. There are low birth rate and low death rate. If the birth rates drop lower death rates in the population will shrink. This threatens many industries which rely on population growth. Death rates may remain consistently low or slight increase due to low exercise levels and high obesity.===